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I like to read. However, due to having one more semester of undergrad left, a lot of my days I end up reading stuff other people want me to read. Now, I always try to pick classes that are fun and interesting. However, faculty can at times end up picking a book for its academic resourcefulness rather than for its literary awe. This will be my last summer as an undergrad but I believe I will continue my summer reading list that I set out to tackle each summer. This summer, these are my picks:

On the theology/”God” front:

The Reason for God: Belief in and Age of Skepticism by Tim Keller

At no point wasting a sentence or breath, this masterpiece by Tim Keller, pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City, tackles the intellectual and spiritual challenges that Christianity faces today. Even though firm and founded upon Scripture, Keller never fails to be empathetic and loving in his words as he carries the reader through a journey of ideas, arguments, and thought-provocation. I am almost done with this one, but it is a must-read for any Christian desiring to be relevant to today’s culture and with a passion to be missional in today’s world.

The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative by Christopher J. H. Wright

I recently began reading this summer choice, but, in a nut shell, Wright attempts to prove to the reader that we shouldn’t simply take a Biblical approach to missions. He challenges us to take a missional approach to reading Scripture. Can’t wait to get more into this one.

Moving on from theology readings, this summer I have also endeavored into some “easy-read” Science Fiction. Being the HALO fan that I am, I recently finished reading The Cole Protocol by Tobias S. Buckell. If you aren’t familiar with the HALO series and/or canon, then don’t really bother to read. It’s basically made for the fans. However, I also began reading Halo Cryptum by renowned science fiction writer Greg Bear. Cryptum should prove to be a more polished SciFi read than any other Halo novel. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Halo series, this novel should prove itself worthy to be in the hands of any fan of science fiction. The fact that Greg Bear is the author behind this novel, and hopefully its sequels, speaks for itself.

In order to make the post no longer than what it needs to be, these are the other volumes in my summer reading list:

Celebration of Disciple by Richard J. Foster

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (started this one in January–its over 900 pages so it has taken some time to finish)

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe by Mark Driscoll and Greg Breshears

Star Wars: Deceived by Paul S. Kemp (Old Republic series #2) (I finished Star Wars: Fatal Alliance earlier this summer which is the first part to the Old Republic novel series)

I hope you pick up a book this summer. If you read something good, then let me know. There are never too many good books to be read.



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