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Tonight my wife and I went to watch The Eagle, a newly released film by director Kevin MacDonald and starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell. The Eagle is a theme-packed epic movie set in Imperial Roman Britain. The movie follows Marcus Aquila, new commander of a frontier garrison and son of the fallen commander of the Legio IX Hispana and the lost Eagle Roman standard.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you and if you wanted a plot outline, there are other websites that can do a better job than me. But I would like to point out a main theme that runs through the movie that will hopefully encourage you to go watch it.

Honor is a very important element of humanity. Honor drives us to act in unbelievable ways. Honor is what lies at the core of our moral compass and leads us to do what is right–for the sake of our beliefs and for our own personal moral stability.

At the same time, honor can also be a force of potential evil. A call of honor can drive to great atrocities and to real world injustice. We can argue whether this is true honor at work, but we cannot deny honor is, at times, an excuse for the awakening of human evil.

Nevertheless, honor is found through all ethnicity, nationalities, religions, and codes of conduct. It is a universal human need to have a code of conduct, a moral compass, a core value system to lead our way. I would make the argument that in it is that sense of honor and “higher virtue” which depicts our universal human equality and encourages the concept of universal human dignity. No matter how attached to the material world we may be, we need that inner moral compass (sense of honor) to give us significance or otherwise face perdition.

Without giving away any of the film’s plot, I believe this lesson and theme is one found throughout and at the end of the movie. Hopefully you will enjoy it and find the greater themes within the story which, I believe, make it a pretty awesome experience.


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