Yes, I will be turning 21 in less than a month: on September 2nd to be precise. I have come to realize that the tradition in college is for people to hit the bars at midnight and pretty much get drunk–especially if you are blessed enough for your birthday to fall on a weekend night.

However, the truth is that as the date approaches, I don’t really feel like that’s my kinda thing to do. Maybe at some point in the past I was really excited about it and wanted to have a big party and all. But that simply isn’t the case anymore.

I want to give you an opportunity. The opportunity to either buy me a drink or save a life.

Between now (August 3rd, 2010) and my birthday (September 2nd, 2010) I invite you to make a donation to one of the following Christian charity and humanitarian work groups I follow and I am passionate about.

Here’s is my challenge to you:

1) You can buy me a drink on my birthday; however, for every drink that someone buys me on my birthday, I will donate that same amount of money to one of the following groups or charities.

2) You can donate straight to the group or charity and I will take that as a Birthday/Drink gift credited to you on my birthday.

3) Or you can both donate and also buy me drink as long as you prove to me that you have donated. Otherwise, I will follow option #1.

Here are the donation links for you:

Angels of East Africa

International Justice Mission

Charity: Water

That’s my challenge to all of you! Buy me a beer or Save a life! Because in the end, rescuing a child from becoming a child soldier, building a water well for a needy community, and/or saving a woman from forced slavery and prostitution is more important than drinking a beer.

For more information on the charities and humanitarian groups please click on the links below:

Angels of East Africa

Charity: Water