I haven’t really posted in a while due to the fact  that the summer has begun and even though that could mean less responsibilities and more free time, for me in means (1) summer PE class, (2) ROTC, and (3) summer job employment with the City of Raleigh parks and rec. Along with this, there is the great blessing of having my wonderful girlfriend back in town (or at least 15 minutes away in the other town rather than 6 hours away in another state).

Finally, it is the year 2010 and it is the year of the World Cup. Even though I never played soccer (or futbol) growing up, I do love international competition and the World Cup fills up that passion in me.  Anyway, I won’t take up much of your time but basically I have been up busy here and there and trying to make some money while keeping my head above the water.

Have a wonderful summer and be blessed.

PS: Team selections I am rooting for in this World Cup (in order of preference).

(1) Mexico

(2) Spain

(3) Germany

(4) USA

(5) Italy