Thomas Friedman’s NY times column for today, titled “This Time We Really Mean It,”  tackles America’s interesting relationship with Afghanistan’s President Karzai, a man who in front of American leaders and cameras will claim to support and cooperate with the US-led struggle against the Taliban and for the Afghan people, but behind closed doors will be the first to attack the US, Us interest in the region, and bite the hands that feeds it. Friedman highlights the fact that research showed that Karzai had acted dishonorably during the last election and how the US knew that he had stolen victory from his rivals. However, sadly, the US ignored the issue out of the fact we have no one else to lead the failed state and nation of Afghanistan. What to do with a man as corrupt and inefficient as this? How do we react to this as 5,000+ American Marines and Army Soldiers are currently engaging the Taliban in an intense offensive in southern Afghanistan to protect this man’s own people?

It’s an awesome column I encourage you to read, printed in today’s The New York Times.

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