I recently purchased and began reading the book “Another Man’s War: The True Story of One Man’s Battle to Save Children in the Sudan” by Sam Childers.

This telling of a true story, and ongoing struggle to bring justice to the lives of children in southern Sudan, is truly wonderful. Not only as a supporter of human dignity causes around the world, but also as a Christian who sees Sam Childers’ work as part of God restoring Justice to this fallen world, I must admit that my heart was moved and my spirit angered at how terrible and disgusting some men, organizations, and movements in this world can be (such as Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army in northern Uganda).

Sam Childers, a former gang biker turned pastor, dedicates his life work to the rescuing of children who have been victimized, in some way shape or form, by the devastating civil wars of the Sudan and northern Uganda. In his book, Childers tells us how throughout his life–the dark times and the good times–God prepared him for his life work in Africa, holding a Bible and food in his hands with an AK-47 strap hanging from his back. I encourage everyone, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ, to pick up a copy of this book and give it a read–it may just move you (through compassion, anger, love, and grace) to do your part in reaching out to this fallen world–living out God’s Justice, Love, and Compassion.

I would like to quote Sam Childers from his book, just for a second, about an issue that I feel we all deal with: fear. By this I mean the fear to die, lose everything, to lose opportunity, pour your life into a cause out of fear it’s the wrong one, etc etc etc. Facing death on a daily basis Sam Childers states:

One thing about life on the edge with God is that you’re fearless. Might as well be. There’s nothing to lose because you’ve already given it all away.

Another Man’s War, pg. 19

The thing about this quote is that we constantly live under the fear of losing. Not “losing” as in losing a game or a competition, but losing in the sense of investing our lives into the things we feel are important, only to realize later that we were wrong and we have lost so much–that is the fear that Childers talks about in the final sentence above. Much of this fear, at least in my case, comes from a need, or at least we externalize it, for God to show us His plan for our life. We Christians are so indecisive about how to be relevant to a lost world that we end up wasting half our life NOT being relevant and simply being afraid of making the wrong choices.

However, like Sam “Maching Gun Preacher” Childers states above, the thing about life is that there’s no point in wasting time being afraid, from a Kingdom of God perspective, because the truth of the matter is that even if we die while trying to impact the world and trying to be relevant (through Evangelizing or Social Causes), it’s alright–we have already given up everything to God anyway.

Therefore, what do we gain in fear of loss but more loss and more fear? I must admit that this is something that I have been able to hand over to God in the last year. Of course, there always battles and struggles to fight; however, I have over come much of my fear of losing, knowing Christ is my guarantee of victory at the end of the ages.

I want to serve of encouragement for the rest of my Christian brothers and sisters by quoting and using Childers’ book as the example of someone who has given up a comfortable, profitable American-Western lifestyle for the sake of Justice: saving children in Sudan from the atrocities of war and violence. I understand that not all of us are called to be just like Sam Childers (even though some of us are) but I am certain that we are all called to be Kingdom of God-centered and to be relevant to a world in need.


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